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Abbie Curtis

Birthday: February 1

Birthday Fun Fact: I am a twin, so I share a birthday with someone every year!

Why I empower youth? 

I believe that volunteering should be a part of everyone's life, at any age. I love volunteering with my mom and friends; it is a big part of my life. If everyone does just one small act of charity, we can really make a difference!

Why I celebrate foster kids?

I love birthdays and I especially love getting to celebrate with family and friends. It's heartbreaking that foster kids don't get to share in this experience. Although a birthday box might not solve all of the problems in the foster care system, it can give foster kids a special memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 


Bio:  Abbie is a freshman at California Polytechnic University. Abbie is an active member of National Charity League and loves volunteering with her mom and friends. She is also passionate about Girl Scouts, and has been a member for nine years. Abbie enjoys drawing, painting and water polo. Abbie loves working with Team Celebrate because it's a way for kids to make a difference, especially because kids don't get to have much of a voice!

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