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By making a birthday box

Kids don't just learn the love of giving back, they learn to be...

Action Takers

Making a birthday box creates the spark!

  • We hope that by making a simple birthday box, kids will be inspired to do something even bigger. ​

  • We want our birthday box program to be the catalyst for the next generation's group of world changers.

  • If Lizzie Allison started Team Celebrate at 15, what can you do? We believe in you!

Team Celebrate inspires kids to do more than just make birthday boxes. See how Team Celebrate empowered these world changers!

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Gray and friends

Raised $700 for Christmas gifts for foster kids read more



Donated halloween costumes to foster kids read more


Yahli, Bailey

and Diane

Created an Instagram to raise foster care awareness read more


"Thank you Lizzie and your team for creating such an event. It was so inspiring to attend and we left with our hearts full, very full! My hope as a Mama is that Jaxson will see the value in volunteering and one day continue to do so on his own."



Susannah Gill 

"Thank you for inspiring our students to make a difference! You are truly empowering the next generation to have the confidence to make a change!"

Principal of Golden Hills School

Mrs. Mirhaj

"Girl Scout Troop #2730 LOVED making their Troll and Frozen Birthday Boxes for Team Celebrate! They were all so inspired by Lizzie and her leadership!"

Troop Leader

Dianne Dakis

youth empowerment

Start a School Club

Team Celebrate believes it’s never too early to make a difference! Our high school, university and k-8 clubs are led by fearless and motivated world changers. They make a difference across the United States by celebrating foster youth and inspiring kids to take action through fundraisers and packing parties! 

youth empowerment

Teen Leadership

  • Team Celebrate focus on being a team - that's why we named our organization "Team" Celebrate!

  • We are run by an all female, teen board.

  • Serving on our board provides teen girls the opportunity to be leaders in their communities and across the country. 

  • Board members learn communication, public speaking, business, tech and marketing skills. 

  • Our board members are examples of current and future world changers!

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