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Anna Makarewicz

Birthday: June 18

Birthday Fun Fact: I share a birthday with Blake Shelton and Paul McCartney.

Why I empower youth? 

I believe that empowering youth gives kids the confidence and necessary skills to be strong, independent adults one day.

Why I celebrate foster kids?

Most foster kids are thrown into the foster care system and feel confused, scared, and unimportant. It is not uncommon for kids in foster care to have never celebrated their birthday or opened a present. I want to let these kids know that they ARE important and that there is a whole community of people who care about and believe in them. 


Bio:  Anna is a freshman at California Polytechnic State University. She has wanted to be a part of Team Celebrate and help foster kids ever since Lizzie told her about the organization. She has been volunteering from an early age, starting with Girl Scouts in elementary school, then National Charity League in middle school, and then finally at St. Francis throughout high school. Anna is  active in technology, participating in clubs such as CyberPatriots and Girls Who Code, and she is also passionate about the performing arts. 

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