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Ella Adamson

Birthday: August 14th

Birthday Fun Fact: My baby picture was projected on the jumbo screen at a professional baseball game.

Why I empower youth? 

I think kids and teens are vastly underestimated. I am excited to be a part of an organization that encourages young adults to help other young adults and children, as it is important to me that teens feel like they can make a difference in their community.

Why I celebrate foster kids?

Before Team Celebrate, I had never really thought about the utter tragedy that is the foster care system. Finding out about the sad truths of the cruel treatment of foster youth was heartbreaking, but Team Celebrate gives me a chance to help those innocent children. I think the foster system puts innocent, young kids in a position they cannot escape. It is tragic because foster youth have no way of getting out of the endless cycle of foster homes. They go unseen for the most part and definitely are not celebrated enough in their community.


Bio:  Ella is a freshman at University of Toronto. Her wish to help foster youth stems from her friendship with Lizzie, seeing and modeling the passion and drive within her friend to help those in her community. Teenagers playing an active role in their community is highly important to her. Ella also has a passion for helping the homeless, women and children in particular.

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