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Jena Brasil

Birthday: July 23

Birthday Fun Fact: My brother and I were born on the same day 5 years apart.

Why I empower youth? 

I believe young people have so much potential to change the world because of our open mindedness and willingness to help!

Why I celebrate foster kids?

I celebrate foster kids because they lead such difficult lives and it is so important to recognize them as people who need to be celebrated. 


Bio:  Jena is super excited to be working with Team Celebrate! She loves to read, play guitar and hang out with her friends. Volunteering is a huge part of Jena’s life, especially volunteering with kids! In addition to working with Team Celebrate, she works with Hands4Hope, NCL, and Girl Scouts. Working with these organizations is Jena’s passion, and she is so exited to make a difference with Team Celebrate! Jena is a freshman at San Diego State University.

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