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Josefine Meerjanssen 

Birthday: March 25

Birthday Fun Fact: I was born on the first day the bachelor was released

Why I empower youth? 

I think that children who learn to volunteer and take leadership roles as teenagers or children, will later have more confidence to do their own thing and change the world.

Why I celebrate foster kids?

I believe every child should feel special. Even though birthdays are just a small part of the year, the smallest actions can have a huge impact on children who don't feel as much love as others. Foster children are some of the least recognized minorities in the world and they never receive recognition. By empowering youth to help foster children, we can empower foster children to make a change when they grow up.


Bio:  Josefine is currently taking a gap year to travel. She has been doing community service since before middle school and enjoys helping others in every way possible. She became interested in Team Celebrate through National Charity League. Josefine was a straight A student in her high school IB program, a volleyball player, class treasurer, and an active volunteer. 

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