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Victoria Brings Birthday Boxes to Camp for Foster Kids

Victoria, age 17, created birthday boxes with her friends and dropped them off at a camp for foster kids.

With Victoria’s birthday boxes, the camp held a big birthday party for all of the foster kid campers. The idea of this party was to celebrate all of the kids who probably did not have a party on their real birthday.

Victoria said she had an amazing time, and told us that making the boxes, giving them to the camp, and then helping out at the birthday party was truly a life changing experience.

“It was so cool to be able to celebrate the birthdays of 24 children who may or may not have been celebrated this year. I learned that 2 of the campers didn’t even know when their birthday was, until they were told by their counselor during the party.

All children deserve to be loved and celebrated! I am so glad I was able to bring love to these kids who needed someone to let them know they cared! It was awesome to be able to make such a big difference, even though I am a teenager.” -Victoria F.

Victoria’s message proves that what we are doing truly is needed and is making a difference.

Thank you Victoria for volunteering and representing Team Celebrate in such a positive way! We are so proud of you and we feel so lucky you are a part of our Team!

Thanks for celebrating!


Team Celebrate Director of Communications


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