Shelby LeMarquand

Birthday: July 14

Birthday Fun Fact: My birthday is on Bastille day, French Independence Day!

Why I empower youth? 

I empower youth because they have a fresh point of view that can change the world!

Why I celebrate foster kids?

I celebrate foster kids because I believe they should have the chance to feel loved and special on their birthday.

Bio:  Shelby is one of the founding members of the Women's National Charity League, El Dorado Hills Chapter. Shelby led her high school's Sports Marketing Photography department. Outside of school, she loves to volunteer, play piano and get involved in the community! Throughout her time working with Team Celebrate, she has become involved with the care and rights of foster children. Shelby is now a freshman at CSU Fullerton.

Contact Us:

(916) 299-8900

4944 Windplay Dr. Ste 119

El Dorado Hills, CA


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