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Social Media Advocates

After being inspired by Team Celebrate, Yahli, Diane and Bailey wanted to spread foster care awareness even more.

These three friends felt like kids their age didn’t know much about foster kids.

Bailey says, "We need to raise awareness about foster care because children and teens are not being taken care of."

They took action and started an Instagram account to educate their peers on foster care.

Yahli says, “Not everyone knows what the issues with foster care are and that is why I think this account is so important. Children in foster care wander endlessly through life not knowing where to go or who to turn to. That is why we created this account, to spread awareness about foster care.”

The girls believe that they can make an impact though social media, because kids their age are always on their phones. Social media can often be a negative place, but these girls wanted to use technology to make a change!

Diane says, “In order to help we MUST speak out and use our voices. EVERY SINGLE VOICE MATTERS. In order to raise awareness, we must ALL rise together. We will raise awareness one post at a time!”

These three girls are changing the world by advocating for foster kids through social media!

Thanks for celebrating!


Director of Communications


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